Friday, February 5, 2016

In our homeschool group, the Mom's are doing a Bible study using Lisa Terkeurst's book,

I for one especially need it, because I feel this way on a daily basis. 
My prayer for our group:
Help us to have the presence of mind in these "unglued" moments to remember that You are "for" us as Sandi reminded us Thursday, and that we can act, not on the 'out of control feelings' we are having, but with the abundant grace that you give us daily. Please help us remember that the struggles we face are with the evil one, not our children, not our husbands, or anyone else. You tell us in Your Word that in this world we will have struggles, but You also remind us that You have overcome the world. 

So when the darling children aren't being so darling and the laundry is piling up and supper needs to be started and we're still trying to get some schooling in and we haven't even gotten dressed yet..... speak peace to our souls, remind us that we belong to the One True and Living God and nothing can separate us from Your love.  Help us remember that You have written us on the palms of Your hands and even though we may feel overwhelmed by the earthly struggles, that that is all they are:  earthly struggles, they don't affect Your feelings for us, they don't keep us from Your presence, they can't steal our joy if we don't let them.

Thank You for being Who You say You are and thank You that Your mercies are new every morning. Thank You for being "for" me and helping me keep my eyes on eternity and how my actions can either lead my children closer to You or further away from You. Help each of us show Your love, Your mercy, and Your longsuffering today as we walk through this day and all the days leading to eternity.

In the name of Your Strong and Mighty Son, Jesus, I ask and pray these things.  Amen

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